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Radiant Floor Heating - Energy Efficient and Reliable

Heated Flooring Prices

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Depending on the system type and size radiant floor heating pricing can range from $6-$15 a square foot. For a more customized quote visit our Radiant Floor Heating Online Quote Tool where you will be given the option to decide what you think is a fair price on a radiant floor heating system. Radiant Floor Heating will bring you energy efficient, clean and reliable heat that is simple to install or any DIYer.

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Radiant floor heating opens your home up to the warmth and comforts that start in your floor and radiates throughout your home. When filling your home with a cozy heat that comes from floor heating you will keep yourself warm all winter long. U.S. Floor Heating radiant floor heating mat is a specially designed weave of protected electrical heating cable which is installed and sealed under your flooring during renovations or when you build your home. The heating cable is connected to a uniquely designed thermostat, which can be programmed to efficiently warm your house according to your needs, while also reducing your energy consumption. Click here to learn more about Radiant Floor Heating...

Floor Heating Systems

Stay on top of the cold, you are always above a warm floor keeping you as snug as a bug, in a very warm, rug. It is not hard to imagine how cozy you will be if every where you step is a warm floor that is radiating heat into your home. Experience for yourself the radiant floor heating comforts that starts at your toes and fills your entire room with a clean and comfortable heat all the way to the ceiling.

Relax all winter and let the floor fill your home with warmth while you enjoy your time at home. U.S. Heating System Inc. offers both 120 Volt and 240 Volt radiant floor heating systems.

  • 120 Volt. Recommended for the following situations for example.
    Bathrooms less than 240 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.
    Bedrooms less than 180 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.
    Living Rooms less than 160 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.
    Kitchens less than 200 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.
  • 240 Volt . Can be used in an unlimited amount of space.
    In cases where the space is too large for 120 Volt and a 240 Volt is unavailable we will gladly provide a diagram so that you may setup the 120 Volt. In these cases, additional work may be required by your electrician.