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SolFlo Heating System

Where Comfort Meets Savings


Why SolFlo Heating System?

The SolFlo Heating System brings you clean/free energy to your home addition or major renovation. Combining the low cost heating systems you find with both a solar air heater and floor heating the SolFlo Heating System generates free heated air during the day with a Solar Air Heater and off peak electricity rates during the night with electric floor heating. The SolFlo Heating System is controlled by one master thermostat so both the floor and solar heating system work in perfect harmony ensuring your desired temperature setting is maintained with lowest energy consumption possible.


Solar Air Heater delivers FREE heat

Rise with the Sun. During the day and when the sun is out the SolFlo Heating System uses the solar heating portion of the SolFlo system harnessing the power of the sun's energy to heat your home for FREE.

SolFlo generates the amount of BTU needed to heat your home for free using the sun's energy with it's solar heating portion of the heating system. The SolFlo solar air heaters fill your home with the comfortable fresh heated air from our solar heating panels and maintain your desired thermostat setting.

SolFlo Heating System use the cleanest energy available, the sun. Your home will be receiving free heat during the day to from the solar heating panels discreetly installed on your roof or wall.




Floor Heating during Off Peak Rates

A Cozy Nightfall. During the nighttime or when clouds take the sky over, SolFlo heating system uses it's electric floor heating portion to maintain the heat in your home, capitalizing on the off peak rates of electricity the majority of the time.

Two Type of Floor Heating are available: Thermal Storage and Direct

Thermal Storage - Floor Heating installed in surrounding materials in the lower section of the floor heating, thermal storage radiates heat through materials such as concrete, sand, and ect. to store the heat and delay the BTU released into the room from the thermal storage.

Direct - Floor Heating installed directly below the floor's surface, the BTU is immediately released into the room, opposed to thermal storage which delays the BTU release.

SolFlo incorporates the clean, most comfortable, and energy efficient heat of electric floor heating. U.S. Heating System's radiant floor heating conveniently goes under most any floor surface and it's 1/8'' thickness will not raise the height of any floor even with Thermal Storage.


Controlling the SolFlo Heating System.

With SolFlo a master thermostat will ensure that the 1st priority in heating is to use the solar heating component. Using a 3 sensor system the temperatures will be monitored in the room itself, the solar panel, and in the floor to ensure your desired thermostats settings are maintained. When the Solar Panel is registering a temperature above 90 degrees F the solar heating portion of the SolFlo Heating System will be run, when the temperature is below 90 degrees F the floor heating portion of the SolFlo will be run. The system is designed so the floor heating portion will often occur during off peak hours.

Cost of SolFlo Heating System?

As stated, when the solar heating portion of the SolFlo is in use, the heat generated is FREE. The nighttime is then supplemented with the electric floor heating portion of SolFlo in order to take advantage of off peak electric rates, though about 20% of the total day may fall into the normal rate of electricity. Start-up costs will vary, so please view our online quote.

Example: Install SolFlo into a 180 sq''ft addition

Requires: 144 sq''ft of floor heating and 1 SH27 Solar Heating Panel

Heating Output: 7,370 BTU per hour (7370/180sq''ft = 40 BTU per hour per sq''ft)

Start-up Cost: $3,500. This is the most cost effective heating system when compared to systems such as geothermal and others.

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To see how much you can benefit from a SolFlo Heating System: Download the Solar Calculator here to find your BTU potential. Visit here if you need to get your latitude and longitude.


SolFlo Heating System - Where Comfort Meets Savings

The SolFlo Heating System is Ideal for Home Additions or Major Renovations, the Heating System is designed to installed in a well insulated room. With the SolFlo Heating System you will be enjoying the warmth of low cost energy all day and all night, conveniently controlled by one master thermostat. Free heat during the day and off peak electricity rates during the night lets you Reduce the Cost of Comfort using The SolFlo Heating System.