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BathMat Floor Heating

Electric Floor Heating Product Innovation, specifically designed for installation in a Bathroom, the BathMat will become available starting January 1st, 2011.

Radiant Floor Heating

U.S. Floor Heating's BathMat is a unique floor heating mat designed to conveniently provide a floor heating system in your bathroom. The BathMat offers 16 Watt's per sq''ft and are made from high quality DuPont heating cables, allowing the floor to heat up quickly. The BathMat is self-adhesive, offering a simple installation. Ideal for a tile or stone bathroom, the BathMat leaves 75% of the flooring surface free for the tile's adhesive.


Coverage Area Up to 50 Sq''ft per unit
Width 12' inch
Cable Thickness 1/8' inch
Volt 120
Watt per Sq''ft 16
Cold Leads Connection One Side Length
Cold Leads Length 15 Feet


Radiant Floor Heating

Quickly heat your floor with the advantage of 16 watts per sq''ft!


Simple and Straightforward Installation!